How to Design an SEO Quiz for Your Prospective SEO Manager


Utilize this guide to design an SEO test of your skills and find the most experienced SEO Manager for your company!

It was my first time as a brand new team determined. I was familiar with the basics of being a skilled SEO, and a competent content creator however, within one month of becoming a manager, I was faced with a task I’d not faced prior to…

Someone left, and I had to locate a backfill.

I began to search for things such as “interview questions” and “what to look for in a new employee” however, I quickly realized that it was not appropriate for the information I required. There was no information about what constitutes a an effective SEO manager. I was forced to guess.

What I wish I’d have considered at the time was creating an SEO evaluation. My company had test projects for content writers that were based on writing prompts however, there was nothing like it to test a potential SEO’s abilities.

This kind of assessment could be beneficial as a follow-up interview following your candidate has successfully completed a basic interview. If you already know that you like the person The following step would be to be sure that they are able to demonstrate their worth.

What should be covered in an SEO test of skills?

There are many aspects you can cover in an SEO assessment for your prospective new employee.

In general there are three major foundations I believe can best represent SEO in general that are: technical (the base) and Content (the house) and hyperlinks (authority Yes that’s right… It was a struggle for me because I just couldn’t maintain the metaphor of the home).

An excellent assessment of your prospective SEO manager’s expertise should fall the middle or in between.

It’s important to keep in mind thatalthough I believe this is a great illustration of SEO overall but it’s not complete. For instance local SEO isn’t included and if you own a locally-based SEO agency, you can opt to focus upon GMB SEO, NAP, etc. Make sure you tailor your evaluation according to your individual requirements.

How do you design your SEO skills test

There are three kinds of SEO evaluations that I’ve encountered:

  1. The multiple-choice test: They are kinds of tests which ask questions similar to “what’s a robots.txt file”? These tests gauge someone’s head knowledge (or their Googling prowess), but don’t gauge their practical, rubber-meets-the-road skills.
  2. A checklistThese kind of tests provide the test taker with a checklist of tasks that will test whether they’re able accomplish these tasks. For instance, “change this title tag.” These tests fall short of assessing a person’s skills in problem solving.
  3. The uncertain review:This might involve handing an individual a web page and telling them “see what you can find.” They could be extremely subjective. Your candidate could be focused upon the “wrong” things (things you don’t want your new employee knowing) or the candidate might end up relying on tools to perform a majority of the work.

Although all have advantages, none seemed to be 100% suitable for assessing a potential employee’s SEO skills. This is the reason I chose a hybrid.

It’s not as simple as giving your prospect a website and telling them to “see what you find,” however, you’re not making them color-by-numbers also. The way you’re approaching them is to ask to answer guiding questions regarding a particular website, for instance “what’s wrong with this?” “Why?” and “How would you fix it?”

Then, they are set up for the test

There are a few points you have to consider before giving the test to them and wishing them luck. For instance:

  • What time will they be allowed? Choose whether to have the candidate in for a 3 hour period (good when you’re keeping an eye to see the Costanzas of the crowd) or if they’re able to take the test home and send it back to you before a specific date.
  • What site will they be reviewing? You’ll have to choose if you’re going to give them a website that you manage or choosing a random site. If it’s a website that you manage make sure you don’t pick an unclean website. offer them something to look up.
  • What tools are they able to make use of? You might want to allow them to make use of the auditing tools they prefer to use tools or even recommend that they use the group’s favorite tools (if you have them).
  • Are you willing to give them a fee the amount they charge for time? There are many opinions, however in the event that you’re providing them with a task that you’re certain will require longer than a couple of hours (especially in the event that you use their insights to improve the site) I’d recommend giving them a fee to use their services.

Content: Can your candidate discern high quality?

This section will be focused on how well your candidate comprehends the kind of content is required to be successful in Google’s search engine for certain searches.

Here’s what I would recommend to ask:

  1. Check out the content that is low quality on and provide some examples. Why are they of low quality?
  2. What are your suggestions for fixing the content that is not of high quality? What are the reasons why this method would work?

This will tell you the extent to which they are able to demonstrate that they have a an understanding of the things that search engines like Google are looking for in low-quality content and what possible options exist for fixing the issue.

In the end, you’re simply seeking out whether they are aware of the meaning of low-quality content what it is, where to locate it, and then how to deal with it.

Other questions on content that you might think about asking:

  1. What gaps in the current topic (if there are any) are there in the content of this website?
  2. What are the reasons why the content of their competitors could be more successful?

Links Do you know how to establish authority and stay clear of penalty?

This section is focused on assessing whether your potential SEO Manager is aware of inbound links (backlinks) and their impact on a page’s effectiveness in the search engine results. In addition, without divulging too much I would suggest to them to:

  1. Look for any links inbound which could be damaging’s performance. What are the reasons they’re harmful?
  2. What actions would you recommend in order to deal with the negative inbound links? Why?

Other questions related to links you might think about asking:

  1. What’s the best strategy you’d recommend to get this site more web links? Why?
  2. Compare the links on this website to the competition and then write down any significant insights you uncover.

Technical Is your candidate aware of what is needed to build a a solid foundation for a website?

“Technical” is broad and there is a wide range of opinions on what the distinctions are between technical and non-technical tasks however, here I’m using “technical” to refer to the search engine optimization skills of your potential SEO Manager’s ability to identify and fix any issues that hinder crawling, problems with how search engines index a site’s content, the areas that can be improved in the way a search engine can understand the site, and areas to enhance users’ experience.

  1. Are there any crawl inefficiencies/problems with this website? If yes, please explain the nature of the problem and what you can do to solve them.
  2. Have you encountered any difficulties in the way the pages show in the index? If yes, please explain the issues and what you can do to fix the issue.

Other questions worth asking your tech to evaluate their skills:

    1. What is the way this website uses (or not make use of) organized data? What is the significance of that?
    2. What (if what) could be causing the poor user experience on this site? What would you do to remedy it?


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