How to Leverage Offline Events for Link Building


Prior to the Event

Before you embark on your journey to build links it is important to determine the pages and domains that you’d like other people to share with you. If you are hosting events, a special landing page that is on your site that provides the essential information and invites people to sign up is the ideal way to draw prospective attendees. It’s also simple to share the page for marketing.

Event venues

Once you’ve got your domains and pages installed, you can link to your website listing events that offer simple links. Your event’s location will decide the location you’ll want to put your event. If, for instance, you’re organizing a small-scale event, regional sites for events can earn you hyperlinks that will increase your exposure in local results.

If you’re planning to host a bigger event that has a international or national appeal, Eventful or Meetup are two websites which will direct visitors to your event’s page. Additionally certain larger websites may be scraped by different sources and you can receive multiple links from a single article.

Connect with influential people

Engaging to bloggers in your field and soliciting them to share the details of your event to their readers is a different method of gaining links.

Before reaching out to anyone, conduct some research to determine which types of influencers and bloggers are the most appropriate for this. you must ensure that your backlinks are genuine, coming from reputable websites that increase your credibility and increase the visibility of your organic search. Although it might be more difficult to find hyperlinks from the top experts in your field with more authority in their domains, they will be the most effective for branding.

Once you’ve compiled your list of bloggers from the industry, contact them and explain how your event is important to their readership and also why posting or sharing about it can improve their blog posts.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is expecting to be a contributor without providing any kind of contribution in exchange. Are you going to a dinner party without a dish and consume all meals? You could consider offering an incentive including an opportunity to promote your site across multiple sites to ensure that the relationship isn’t only transactional but beneficial to both parties. This will not only assist you in acquiring a brand new website, it’ll assist in getting more exposure to those in your targeted market you might not have been successful in reaching previously.

During the Event

If your company organizes an event or one of your employees is speaking at an event There are numerous ways to help your website’s link building efforts. Participants could be a source of a positive impact on your backlink profile. According to the old saying that if you didn’t write about the event, did you actually there? Brands and professionals alike enjoy sharing thought leadership tips and recaps of events in formats like social and blog posts. If they publish then, there’s a possibility that they’ll share a link to your business’s website.

Write about it

Even if you’re going to an event there’s still link building opportunities you can take advantage of. Blog daily about the main points of the day’s session or provide your own thoughts of a unforgettable keynote. Content that is specific to an event is likely to have a great chance of making it to and then being shared by speakers and event hosts, as well as others who attend, and even your team at work.

To improve your chance of getting the post to get your content in the hands of the right people, send the content in a short message via email and LinkedIn messages for a speaker or marketing pain from the organization who is hosting the event. Naturally, you should always share your content on your personal and business’s social media channels, and also tag the appropriate players. It is hoped that because you’re included and get gratuitous publicity top-quality sources will feel compelled to spread the word about your post.

Network is also known as network, network.

While posting information about events can aid in gaining links, it is also important to concentrate on building connections with other top experts in your field. There’s no better opportunity to build these relationships than attending an event. Indeed, 81 percent of people who attend events admit that they attend events to network opportunities. When you’re networking make sure you’re well-prepared to create future linking relationships with other sites in related or complementary industries.

After the Event

It is possible to still get backlinks to your occasion after returning to work. Some of the most effective link building opportunities remain to be found.

Follow up via an email

If you were a speaker in a conference, you could connect with the attendees to the session via email and then send them pertinent details. Set up a website landing page for your website that includes slides you have downloaded from your presentation is a breeze. Slides can be shared with and hyperlinked. If they haven’t yet, ask whether your contacts are willing to post their event experience on their blog or social media pages. This will provide you with the benefit of crowdsourced content and important backlinks.

Monitor your progress

It is important to monitor your backlinks with social listening tools following the event. If you think these sites may offer synergies, whether to promote content or for business reasons contact us for a discussion of mutually beneficial partnership.

Rememberthat effort that which you invest in now will be rewarded in the future as well. The process of gaining backlinks over time has a snowball effect that will boost your rank as well as the number of attendees at future events.

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