Now Live for Your SEO Learning Pleasure: The NEW Beginner’s Guide to SEO!


I’ve noticed the structure is a slightly different, so what’s the reason?

We’re sure we can’t get away from your eyes! The new guide was designed slightly differently than the previous one. The entire guide is described in the introduction however this is the essence: taking an inspiration from Maslow’s hierarchy requirements, we constructed each chapter on the basic principles of how to approach SEO and cover the most essential necessities first before moving until the final.

We affectionately refer to this as “Mozlow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” We beg your pardon.

A tiny but powerful team

It may have taken us a whole an year a half to reach this level, there was a small group of people that was behind the project. We are owed a enormous amount of thanks to the following people for balancing their own priorities with the demands of the brand new Beginner’s Guide, and for putting all their effort into making the guide shine:

Britney Muller, our brilliant SEO scientist , is the brain behind all of our new content. The words can’t do justice to the time she spent by herself and after long hours in front of a chalkboard Post-Its along with dry-erase notebooks that comprise the bones, muscles that make up what would eventually become this full-length guide. Thank you for all the numerous blog comments that were answered and included, as well as all the tweets and emails messages received and for all the dedication and effort and additional time she put into the content, we need to say a deeply sincere and enthusiastic Thank You. The guide wouldn’t be possible without her knowledge, dedication for detail and dedication to perfection.

Kameron Jenkins is our SEO wordsmith, and all-around content superhero. Her mastery in the writing process as well as her vast expertise as an agency SEO was crucial in bringing together diverse feedback, refining complex concepts into a simple and understandable phrases, and arranging the data in ways that are most beneficial to helping new students. The guide wouldn’t have been possible without her positive, positive attitude and her incredible, professional assistance.

Trevor Klein, editor extraordinaire. His original idea of arranging it in accordance with SEO’s SEO structure of requirements offered the structure and insight for structuring it in a completely unique and extremely useful way. A lot of the words, phrases and tone in it are his and we are grateful for the polish and shine that he contributed to this massive effort.

Skye Stewart, talented designer and UX aficionado. All the delightful images you’ll find within the chapters are compliments of her careful handiwork, from the robo-librarian of Chapter 2 to the meat-grinder-turned-code-renderer of Chapter 5. The Beginner’s Guide to the Future could be a much less enchanting without her vision and creativity.

Casey Coates, software engineer and mystical CMS-wizard-come-miracle-maker. I can confidently say that there’s no way to be reading the brand-new Beginner’s Guide in any coherent way without his assistance. In all the last-minute changes to CMS deployments for being patiently handling all of the additional questions and requests, for being so accommodating and responsive (case in point: adding alt text for the image block just two minutes after asking to add it) and much more, we’re grateful.

There are a lot of others who contributed to getting this event going: Shelly Matsudaira, Aaron Kitney, Jeff Crump, and Cyrus Shepard for their integral aid in moving this guide past the point of no return; Rand Fishkin, of course, who created the first and longest-lasting version of this guide. and to you all our community of readers, thank you for all the hours you put into reading our initial versions and sharing with us your honest opinions and constructive critiques and always-incredible praise. It wouldn’t be possible without you!

Are you ready?

With great pride and just a tiny hint of natural anxiety that comes with any major new content launch, we’re thrilled and eager to explore the brand-new Introduction to SEO. The first edition of the book was read more than ten millions of times. a staggering and amazing amount. We only hope that our new version is received by a similar number of sharp minds who are eager to explore the thrilling complex, challenging and lucrative industry of SEO.

No matter if you’re starting from scratch and want to sharpen your memory of the basics or you’re trying to draw in your colleagues to the complexities of your job or simply curious about the changes and how to make the most of it, we wish from the deepest of our hearts that you will get the information you require from the latest Beginner’s Guide.

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