The 20 Best Free SEO Tools


1. Bing Webmaster Tools

Although Google Webmaster Tools gets all the praise, many people overlook the fact that Bing Webmaster offers a full set of web and search analytics. The most useful reports are those on keywords Keyword research, keyword reports, as well as crawling information.

2. Data Studio

If you have to combine data from various source (say Search Console and Google Analytics) Visualize and then share it with others It’s Google Data Studio’s favorite place to be. To get an idea of the SEO-related tasks and dashboards you can make free of charge, look through the following Google Data Studio Resources from Lee Hurst.

3. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

How can you determine whether your drop in traffic (or the increase) could be due to a Google Algorithm update, or a significant holiday? This is a highly recommended Google Chrome plugin that overlays additional data over your statistics, meaning that you can send images to customers demonstrating precisely how external forces affected traffic.

4. Google Analytics

The biggest kahuna, and the most popular web analytics software on the planet. It’s free, and Google Analytics is quite robust and is compatible alongside other Google products like Optimize, Search Console, and Data Studio. Certain people have privacy concerns about GA even though Google claims they do not utilize this data to improve ranking in search results.

5. Search Console

Perhaps the most effective free SEO tool available on this list, it’s tough to imagine modern SEO without having access to data in the Google Search Console. It’s the most reliable place to get information about the way Google searches and ranks your website and is among the few places you can access accurate keyword information. Search Console restricts the number of rows that can be downloaded to 1,000. You can you should bookmark the free Google Search Console data Exporter for downloading up to 25000 rows a time.

6. Keyword Hero

Did someone claim (not that they did not provide)? Keyword Hero works to solve the issue of missing keyword information using sophisticated math and machine learning. It’s not a flawless system however for those who are struggling to find keywords that match conversion metrics and other site-specific metrics it can be a beneficial first step in towards the correct direction. Pricing is available up to 2000 sessions per month.

7. MozCast

The idea from the Dr. Pete and the original Google SERP tracker, MozCast is the preferred algorithm tracker anytime there’s a major updateor change. It also has SERP tracking features that highlight the importance of features such like knowledge panels and ads.

8. Beam Us Up

If you’re looking for a desktop crawler for your computer that’s free that you can’t find more than using Beam Us Up. Although it’s not the same number of features like Screaming Frog, it does provide 100% free crawling without limits. Windows only.

9. Link Redirect Trace

A Chrome extension that is free, numerous SEOs have recommended Link Redirect Trace as the “all-in-one redirect path analyzer.” It provides information on HTTP headers, relcanonicals, robots.txt and other basic metrics for links from LinkResearchTools. Additionally, the “Save Screenshot” feature is very useful, too.

10. Redirect Path

Like Link Redirect Trace, Redirect Path is a useful tool developed by the people at Ayima which displays redirect paths and information about headers for each web page you access. I’ve used this extension for a long time and it’s nearly “always on” in my browser.

11. Screaming Frog

Apart from being one of the top twitter accounts among any SEO toolmaker, Screaming Frog is the most used desktop-based search engine available currently. A lot of people don’t know it’s possible to use a low-cost version which lets you crawl up 500 URLs for each crawl. While it’s not as functional than the pay version but it’s perfect for smaller projects or audits of websites.

12. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

Many people in the SEO sector know about Screaming Frog However, many are unaware that Screaming Frog also has a standalone, paid or free Log Tool for Analyzing Files. Free versions are quite robust, but it is restricted to 1000 lines.

13. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer can be described as a analyzer tool for logs suggested by the Aleyda Solis in her highly acclaimed SEO-related podcast Crawling Mondays. SEOlyzer is a excellent tool for analyzing logs that comes with cool features, such as real-time analysis, page categorization and more.

14. Xenu

To be honest, even though Xenu has been featured on each “free SEO tool” list from the beginning the internet, I didn’t believe it would be on this list. The Windows-based desktop crawler has virtually remained the same over the last decade. But, a lot of folks continue to use it for simple web audits, checking for broken links, etc. Actually, I’m leaving to be with my family for a while. Take a look.

15. Answer The Public

It’s difficult not to be enthralled by Answer The Public. Its interface has an like “Cards Against Humanity” rebel style to it. If you’re looking to build a vast list of queries from every keyword list, this tool is the most-used tool.

16. Keyword Explorer

If you’re not aware of Moz’s remarkable tool for analyzing keywords it is worth giving it a trial. 500 million keywords, including the most precise ranges of volume in the market. Also, Moz’s famed Keyword Difficulty Score, along with CTR information. Moz’s free community account provides access to the ability to run 10 searches a month and each one providing you with 1,000 keyword suggestions as well as SERP analysis.

17. Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner was built for those who buy Google advertisements, however it still provides a wealth of data that is useful to SEO keywords planning. It is based on Google’s own data, and includes important functions such as country filtering. Be cautious with metrics such as competition (this is only to refer to paid advertising) and volume which are known to be difficult to understand.

18. Keyword Surfer

We previously recommended Keywords Everywhere (still a great tool) however they’ve discontinued offering a cost-free version. As an alternative, the most popular community-based recommendation–that’s still free–is Keyword Surfer. The Chrome extension provides you with keywords that rank high in Google results for searches. We’re also a lover of WMS Everywhere, a Chrome extension which gives you search volume, cost-per-click and keywords suggestions.

19. Ubersuggest

Sometimes I mock Neil Patel because he does SEO in his pajamas. I’m probably jealous as I don’t own any pajamas. However, Neil took over Ubersuggest in the past few months and has given it a significant overall. If you haven’t used it in a time the service now goes beyond suggestions for keywords and provides a number of additional SEO options, such as the basic link metrics as well as top pages of competitors.

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